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New Design, Website, Photos & Online Video Course

Who are they

An Orlando-based corporate training team in love with design thinking

Seeds is an Orlando-based corporate training team that provides consultancy and training services to businesses and nonprofits. Their approach is based on design thinking.


They needed to clearly explain their services in a professional manner

Many startups move quickly at the beginning, working to develop and launch with a prototype. This is core to the concept of design thinking, so it was natural for Seeds to work this way. After establishing themselves as an authority in this place, they needed a way to quickly explain their business and branding materials to match.

Additionally, with the outbreak of COVID-19, they realized the need to adapt to virtual training options and rebrand their website. In addition, they were wanting to create a video training course their customers could take virtually and that would convey a lot of information quickly and with limited production time.


We developed a Golden Key to clearly communicate what they do

We worked alongside Seeds to develop a branding strategy that would effectively communicate what they do. We quickly realized because of the creative nature of their business and the variety of problems they grappled with alongside their customers, a visual would have to anchor the concept so that their brand wouldn't become scattered. We knew we would need a north star concept that we could come back to when we were losing our way. So we developed the idea of the "Golden Key." This would be the central idea behind anything we did for Seeds and it would unlock the correct path forward. If we weren't sure how to advance, whether it was in the writing, design or production stage, we could always revisit our golden key. So what was it?

We had several discussions with them in order to understand the way their business functions. Up to that point, they had primarily held in-person trainings where they would tackle a single problem and take it through the design thinking process in order to come up with a resolution. During their trainings, they would often use crafting materials and toys to exemplify the problem and the proposed solutions. So, since they worked with corporate teams on complex business-related issues but utilized unconventional tools in the process, we came up with "Business and Play" as the Golden Key.

With this Golden Key in hand, we would redesign a fresh website, create brand assets including design and photography and create a suite of 20+ videos as a training course.

"10,000,000x better than our Wix web page!"
–Rob, Founder of Seeds

From Seed to Sequoia - New Design, Website, Photos and Online Video Course

We redesigned their website to look more professional and to be more functional. The new branding strategy, which focused on visual imagery and playful moments, helped to explain their services more clearly to potential customers. We shot team photos and produced a suite of 20+ videos with only a few days of shooting time. The videos captured a lot of information quickly and effectively, which helped Seeds to reach a wider range of customers. We also created a custom website experience that walked users through Seeds' process to help them understand what type of customer they might be. This was created with custom javascript in a way that would be fun and easy for the end user.

Overall, the project was a success, and Seeds is now better positioned to serve their clients and expand their business.

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